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Active Autowerke E46 M3 Prima Supercharger Kit
Active Autowerke E46 M3 Prima Supercharger Kit Active Autowerke E46 M3 Prima Supercharger Kit Active Autowerke E46 M3 Prima Supercharger Kit Active Autowerke E46 M3 Prima Supercharger Kit

Active Autowerke E46 M3 Prima Supercharger Kit

Product Code
$ 6,995.00

As producer of one of the finest working supercharger systems for the E46 M3, Active Autowerke is proud to introduce the PRIMA starter system capable of exceeding 500WHP through upgrades to Level 1 and Level 2. In collaboration with Frank Smith of TuningTechFS, the Prima SC kit has evolved as a fantastic performer.

Designed and introduced with no frills and exceptional pure basic fundamentals, the system is efficient in software tuning with outstanding design synonymous with the Active Autowerke brand. As a full bolt on (non-intercooled) system, it is completely reversible and requires no custom fabrication.

The Prima supercharger system is fully upgradable with Level 1 through 2 for addition horsepower if so desired. Active Autowerke has made the finest more affordable, a feat accomplished with vision and passion, while still maintaining all the inherent qualities of your BMW M3. 

Now you can enter the F.I. realm with a proven company known for reliability and proven performance.

Active Autowerke invites you to “Come Play with Power” with your BMW.

Key Features:

Rotrex C38-92 Supercharger System
No need to upgrade to a bigger supercharger used in level 2-3. It's all included 
Active Autowerke GEN7 Intake Manifold plenum
Active Autowerke DOUBLE By-Pass Valves set-up
Active Autowerke Spec Green Filter
Active Autowerke Air Filter Cover 
High Capacity Fuel Injectors
Proven Alpha N Software tuning
SIMON 2 interface (allows you to upload the software yoursefl) is included
Colder Heat Range Spark Plugs included
Fully Upgradeable to Generation 8 Level 2 System
Dedicated oil cooling system for maximum performance and reliability
All Hoses, Clamps, etc (pre-assembled)
Easily upgradeable to either Level 1 or 2 system 
Step by Step Instructions

Performance Specs:

Boost: 5.5 - 6.0 psi
Stock Horsepower:  333 HP @ 7900RPM
Supercharged Horsepower: 480+ HP @ 8100RPM
Stock Torque: 268  Ft Lbs @ 4800RPM
Supercharge Torque: 345 Ft Lbs @ 7200RPM


Please specify if your M3 has a SMG or 6-Speed transmission

Why a PRIMA SC Kit
Since June, 2006, BMW stopped production of the E46 M3 making this model BMW 8 years old to date.  Through time, the BMW E46 M3 has become one of the most sought after BMW to be enhanced with performance modifications. One of which is the installation of a supercharger system capable of creating 600 horsepower.

The  8 year tenure invites a multitude of new owners looking for performance modifications at a renewed price point to match the readjusted Kelly Blue Book price. With amortization expensed on the Active Autowerke supercharger components, the timing for a entry level supercharger system could not be timed more appropriately.

Can I run the PRIMA without a Intercooler  
With an engine compression on the S54 engine at 11.5:1 this was considered suicidal at times. Through years of product development supercharging this specific motor; the software development has undergone changes to offset not only the high compression but also the additional boost created.   

So YES, it can be operated, but is dependant on boost level, horsepower maintained and engine temperatures.  If exceeded, then the need for Level 1 to 2 becomes more apparent.   

Can the PRIMA SC Kit be upgradable
YES. Just like all other Active Autowerke SC kits, they are designed from inception to be modular with the intent of future upgrade levels of power if so desired.

Why use Active Autowerke        
Guarantee.  Active Autowerke has a guarantee for most BMW performance products that even surpasses the performance industry standard. Quality product with exceptional customer service is our core value that we practice everyday. 
Longevity.  With 32 years to date, this is a testament to what Active Autowerke has been doing for sometime. With thousands of superchargers already sold and many used, pre-owned supercharger kits already transferred to a new owner/car, you can trust a company that continues to support systems even as old as 10+ years.

That is the Active Autowerke difference : value, performance, support. 


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