Sept. 10-12: 944 Cup National Championship at VIR

Karl, Martin and Michael Troy were hired as support crew for the National Directors team and a Canadian team. Not long before the trip Karl was offered the opportunity to drive a rental 944 offered by The event was part of a Speed World Challenge weekend.

Karl had not raced in 2 years and had to get his competition license reinstated with literally no time to spare. His race history and string of success over the years helped make that happen at the last minute.
The Troy boys were busy taking care of other teams cars which gave Karl very little time to develop his rental into a car he felt comfortable driving.

The first session was scary as the car did not do what it was supposed to. 20th out of 30 cars is not what Karl was accustomed to. The team made some significant changes for the following run and it made the car much more predictable.

There were 3 pink Porsches. The other 2 were driven by Chris Brady, a 944 Cup regular, and Nick Esayian, a pro driver. Karl ended up being fastest of the three piglets for the remainder of the weekend including Sunday’s Championship race. He finished 4th in a car he has never sat in before and after a 2 year break from racing. He was very pleased with the result.